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Intrada: SpaceCamp [1986-2014] - John Williams

Back by popular demand, Intrada reissues a previous Special Collection release that sold out all too quickly.  The 1986 film SpaceCamp tells the story of a group of kids at space summer camp who accidentally lift off in the space shuttle during an engine test and struggle to get back to earth.  One of the strongest elements of the film is the graceful, powerful score by John Williams.  In lieu of different themes for the human characters, Williams opted to develop a series of motifs that reflect the adventure of space flight. The main theme is constructed of ascending phrases, just like the composer’s principal melodies for Star Wars, Superman and E.T., but while those earlier themes depicted an heroic sense of flight, SpaceCamp’s theme opens more slowly, attaining its goal gradually and with humility.

The original album for SpaceCamp runs a generous 49 minutes and was initially released by RCA Records on LP and re-issued in 1992 on a very limited  Japanese edition from the SLC label that went out of print quickly. Intrada's previous reissue in 2010 also sold out quickly. Although the album was not presented in narrative sequence, it was a strong listening experience assembled by Williams and that original 14-track program has been retained here.

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Awesome, I missed this on the first release and it only will bring back great memories of Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston and the rest of the cast!  :)
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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Maurice Mitchell said...

I saw this one on WHT and HBO back in the day. I wonder if they'll remake it someday?