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MovieScore Media: Electricity [2014] - John Lunn

Downton Abbey composer John Lunn showcases a new musical side with his electrifying ambient score for Electricity, the latest film by director Bryn Higgins based on a novel by Ray Robinson. MovieScore Media releases the album in digital scores coinciding with the film’s UK premiere on December 12, 2014, distributed by Soda Pictures.

The film follows the life of Lily O’Connor (Agyness Deyn), a young girl who lives her regular life as the cashier of a seaside amusement park. When her mother passes away, Lily vows to track down her missing younger brother, but her investigation is complicated by the girl’s medical condition. Every so often, Lily is prone to epileptic fits that lead to dazzling visuals, mesmerizing sights, harrowing visuals and the occasional complete darkness…

In the last four years, the music of composer John Lunn have been playing an integral part in the success of Downton Abbey, one of the latest credits in the filmography of Britain’s most reliable television composer. With a career spanning 25 years, Lunn contributed his talents to such shows as the darkly humourous Hotel Babylon (2006-2009), Little Dorrit (2008) based on the novel of Charles Dickens or more recently, The White Queen (2013) which chronicles the life of three Queens pining for the throne in 15th century England. Lunn also took part on the New Water Music project, where eleven of Britain’s most renowned film composers created a new orchestral work based on Händel’s Water Music to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II.

"The music for Electricity has been one of my biggest challenges to date" claims the composer. Using only a handful of instruments, (a piano, an Oberheim 4-voice and a battery of analogue modular synth modules), Lunn attempts to convey Lily’s journey through life in a sympathetic, but not sentimental way. The score also features several inventive cues for Higgins’ revolutionary visual depiction of the epileptic fits in addition to the dark and moody underscoring of the mystery elements. Lunn’s music for Electricity is an ultimately uplifting achievement which should delight soundtrack fans who enjoy inventive ensemble scores where a lot can be said with only a few instruments.
Only complaint is this is a shorter score, but what we have is complete grand score from Lunn who I feel gives us an energetic piece that helps stand him away from his work on Downton Abbey work. Go ahead... you will like it!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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Maurice Mitchell said...

Sometimes shorter score work Jeremy but this sounds beautiful