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Perseverance Records: Ethel [2014] - Miriam Cutler

Ethel is a feature length documentary about the remarkable life of Ethel Kennedy, told by those who know Ethel best: her family. Directed by her Emmy-Award winning daughter, Rory Kennedy, the film features candid interviews with Ethel and seven of her children. The film is a personal portrait of Ethel’s political awakening, the life she shared with Robert F. Kennedy, and the years following his death when she raised their eleven children on her own. Intimate, funny, and deeply moving, Ethel offers a rare look inside a political dynasty strengthened by family bonds, a compassion for others, and a wisdom forged from both hardship and triumph.

Besides playing with the early incarnation of Oingo Boingo, Miriam has written music for a broad variety of subjects - from the aborted Terry Gilliam film, Don Quixote (Lost In La Mancha) to eating disorders (Thin) and the unorthodox relationship between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bacardi (Chris & Don: A Love Story), each a film where the music was as integral as the real life story we see on the screen. Miriam Cutler is an important film composer we feel needs to be heard. Once you hear the music from Ethel, you will see why we are so happy to be working with a talent such as Miriam. 

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It's a story about being part of Camelot, without the keys to get in all the rooms. Score is a great sound with a perkiness that takes you from track to track, sharing the similar underlying theme. As we follow Miriam Cutler musical vision telling her story within Ethel's life, it's charming and brings a nice atmospheric flow.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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