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Magnolia Home Entertainment: NO PLACE ON EARTH

Magnolia Home Entertainment:
August 20, 2013

Based on the true story of the longest uninterrupted underground survival in recorded human history!

Narrated by Chris Nicola (cave explorer who discovered the famous Ukrainian cave, “Priest’s Grotto”) and featuring interviews with the real life survivors.

October 1942 – Esther Stermer, along with some family members and a group of other families, seek asylum underground to evade being caught by pursuing Nazis. They remain hidden below for nearly a year and a half – the longest recorded uninterrupted underground survival occurrence.

Their harrowing story is unearthed by accident when cave explorer, Chris Nicola, stumbles upon remnants left behind by the cave dwellers. Through extensive research and determination, Nicola locates a few of the survivors and has them share their incredible story of strength and perseverance.

-Jeremy [Retro]


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