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MovieScore Media and Kronos Records "Join Forces"

Prolific soundtrack label MovieScore Media, based in Sweden, and quality niche label Kronos Records, based in Malta, have reached an agreement to collaborate in the fields of producing and distributing quality film score albums to both wider audiences and targeting the special soundtrack collectors market. “We are two small independent European labels growing strong together, building a new and solid platform for the nurturing of contemporary quality film music as well as never before released classic film scores,” said MovieScore Media’s producer, Mikael Carlsson. Added Kronos Records’ Godwin Borg, “This is the beginning of a very fruitful collaboration. Expect some true gems to come out of this teamwork!”

The two labels' goal with their collaboration is to build one of the most prolific soundtrack catalogues in Europe, focusing their attention on quality film scores from both new and old films, both from Europe, USA and other parts of the world.

The deal will result in more of MovieScore Media’s albums being released on CDs, while more of Kronos Records’ albums will also be available in digital format. “We take advantage of each others’ distribution niches,” said Mikael Carlsson and continued, “While MovieScore Media has released almost 150 albums on CD, many of our releases have been digital only. Our collaboration with Kronos Records will make more physical releases possible.”

CDs under this new joint label will be marketed as MovieScore Media/Kronos Records releases. Titles will be available from both labels and their respective distributors, where MovieScore Media focuses its distribution on wider audiences (via distributors RSK Entertainment in the United Kingdom, MVD Entertainment in the USA and Canada and Edel in Germany) and Kronos Records targeting the soundtrack fan base via special film music retailers worldwide. Albums are distributed digitally via MovieScore Media to all digital platforms worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify and Google Play.

Among the CD releases announced and to be available from MovieScore Media/Kronos shortly are The Tall Man (Todd Bryanton/Joel Douek/Christopher Young) and Half Light (Brett Rosenberg), both previously released digitally by MovieScore Media, as well as all new releases such as Trishna (Shigeru Umebayashi), The 25th Reich (Ricky Edwards) and Big Bad Wolves (Frank Ilfman).

MovieScore Media and its sub-label Screamworks Records have released over 200 soundtrack albums since the launch of the company in 2006. Among the many acclaimed albums in the catalogue are soundtracks for Let the Right One In (Johan Soderqvist), Pandorum (Michl Britsch), Centurion (Ilan Eshkeri), Conquest 1453 (Benjamin Wallfisch), four volumes of Merlin (Rob Lane et al), Triangle (Christian Henson), Submarine (Andrew Hewitt), JCVD (Gast Waltzing), Black Death (Christian Henson), In a Better World (Johan Söderqvist) and The Awakening (Daniel Pemberton). In its ‘Discovery Collection’, MovieScore Media has released world premiere recordings of scores by esteemed composers such as Michael Kamen, Basil Poledouris, Patrick Doyle and Dario Marianelli.

In 2012, an album released by MovieScore Media’s sub-label Screamworks Records, The Shrine (music by Ryan Shore), was nominated for a Grammy Award in the ‘Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media’ category. MovieScore Media has been nominated to the International Film Music Critics Association Award for ‘Film Music Record Label of the Year’ six years in a row.

Kronos Records has been releasing quality film music since 2009 and has music composed by film music legends such as Akira Ifukube, Francesco De Masi, Carlo Rustichelli, Piero Piccioni, and George Fenton in its catalogue. Much like MovieScore Media, Kronos is also active in the field of discovering and promoting new talented composers, such as André Matthias, Jorge Aliaga and Kristian Sensini.

Two great entities become one, wonderful news for score/soundtrack enthusiasts in the world!
-Jeremy [Retro]

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