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Lakeshore Records: "FLASHBACK" music by Pilotpriest

Lakeshore Records is set to release the Flashback—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on June 4 with music by Pilotpriest (aka Anthony Scott Burns). The otherworldly electronic score taps into Burns’ memories and personal reflections providing a haunting backdrop to the dramatic thriller. The Lionsgate film directed by Christopher MacBride opens in select theaters, on digital and on demand June 4.
Flashback is a window into the world of a man on the precipice of adulthood. With a new corporate job, a long-time girlfriend pressuring him to define their future, and an ailing mother, Fred’s chance encounter with a man from his youth results in terrifying flashbacks that send him on a wild journey into his past. He slowly begins to unravel a long-hidden mystery about a missing girl, a drug called Mercury, and a terrifying creature that has been with him every step of the way. As his past, present and future begin to both intersect and parallel each other, Fred begins to question his entire reality and explore all of the possible lives he could lead. Which one will he choose?
Says Burns: “For Flashback, director Christopher MacBride had a very specific palette and mood for the compositions he wanted within his film. We worked very closely, sitting and chatting for days about how the score should be modern, fresh, but nostalgic - a nuanced blend of the present and past. He also wanted the audio landscape for his protagonist to be quite haunted, emotionally charged, and otherworldly. After seeing the initial cuts, I knew the only way to cut to the core, and achieve what Chris wanted, would be to get to the heart of the sadness. I dove deep into personal reflection and my own memories of loss and regret for these cues, and spent many sleepless nights creating soundscapes and custom synthesizer patches to build out the auditory world for Fred Fitzell to navigate to his choices. Within this soundtrack are some of my favorite pieces of music I've ever written, and I'm so proud to have been a part of this wonderful film.”

Pilotpriest is the music-making moniker of writer, director, cinematographer, editor, VFX artist, and composer Anthony Scott Burns.  Under this pseudonym, he has released a number of critically successful albums and EPs, including the cult vinyl hit Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  He has just completed the upcoming soundtrack for the feature film Flashback starring Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner) and Maika Monroe (It Follows).
A filmmaker from the new school, Burns is an auto-didactic artist that derives inspiration from the simplest motivation: to create art on his own terms. He shoots, edits, scores, writes, designs, and completes the brunt of the post-work on his projects.  Born in Kitchener, Ontario, and based in Toronto, Burns has been drawn to music/film-making from a young age. He started his professional career in graphic design and was a Senior Designer at MTV Canada as well as working as a director in the commercial/advertising sector before focusing on his personal artworks.

He first made his name known with the self-release of the viral fan short film Tron: Destiny in 2011 and followed it up with the short Manifold, which went on to world premiere at the 2013 Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. The “tech-noir narrative” starred iconic character actor Stephen McHattie and was widely celebrated on the circuit and on release. The attention garnered from his shorts brought Burns into the mix for a number of A-list projects and led to him being called “the next big thing” by The Hollywood Reporter. In 2014 he directed an episode of Vincenzo Natali’s show Darknet and in 2016 contributed to Kevin Smith’s horror anthology Holidays with the acclaimed segment “Father’s Day.” Burns’ feature debut Our House world premiered at the 2018 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal was released later that year by IFC Midnight.
In 2020 Burns’ sophomore feature, Come True, starring Julia Sarah Stone (Honey Bee) and Landon Liboiron (Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare), was selected to world premiere at the digital edition of Fantasia. A critical success, Come True was theatrically released by IFC Midnight in 2021.
Lakeshore Records is a four-time Grammy Nominated record label, and the soundtrack arm of the Cutting Edge Group.  Lakeshore Records is the global independent leader in top line soundtrack album releases, including such popular, critically acclaimed and classic soundtracks as Bridgerton, Drive, Stranger Things, The Old Guard, Cyberpunk 2077, When They See Us, The Handmaid's Tale, Black Mirror, Star Trek: Picard, Bojack Horseman, Les Miserables, Mandy, Narcos, Logan, The Walking Dead, Napoleon Dynamite, Bill and Ted Face the Music, Red Dead Redemption 2, Legion, the Academy Award nominated Lady Bird and Academy Award winners Moonlight, Little Miss Sunshine, American Factory, If Beale Street Could Talk and The Hurt Locker and many, many more.
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