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MovieScore Media: "The Sound of Identity" music by Nicolas Repetto

MovieScore Media’s latest documentary score follows a historical moment of transgender rights with a composer who must “compete” with Mozart. The winner of the 2020 OUTshine Film Festival, James Kicklighter’s The Sound of Identity follows baritone opera singer Lucia Lucas as she is set to be the first ever transgender woman ever to perform as Don Giovanni in a professional opera performance. The film takes viewers behind the scenes as the singer makes her historic debut with the Tulsa Opera in Oklahoma, one of the reddest states in the U.S. The story is unique in its approach since it tackles the notion of identity at its core and this is reflected in its emotionally charged string-based score by Nicolas Repetto.

“In my discussions with James Kicklighter about the score, we both agreed early on that having an ‘Identity motif,” recalls the composer. “This motif, recurring to signify Lucia’s journey along with a full realization of her theme playing in key moments, would be the glue that ties the entire score together in addition to working in tandem with another important theme representing Lucia’s mentor, Tobias Picker. I decided on using solo violin, performed by Rebecca Schlappich-Charles, to represent the ‘Identity motif’ alongside passionate cello solos performed by Ruslan Biryukov and the intimate viola solos by Jonathan Morgan assisted in representing Lucia’s and Tobias’ thematic material throughout the score. In addition to the solos, the use of a chamber string orchestra and a sprinkling of synths/electronics completes the soundscape. In essence, Lucia’s operatic and life journey, presented beautifully throughout the film, helped our score find its identity as well.”

Argentinian-American composer Nicolas Repetto moved from Miami to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue a career in film and television scoring. He started his career assisting composers Penka Kouneva and Cliff Eidelman with additional music and orchestration on various media and concert music projects. His recent credits include The Reunion (2020), the Prohibition-era dramedy Tijuana (2019), while his upcoming projects include James Kicklighter's next documentary The American Question on the division of the country, the fantasy feature Empire Queen: The Golden Age of Magic and the indie horror Spider.
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