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MovieScore Media: "GAIA" music by Pierre-Henri Wicomb

MovieScore Media’s latest international discovery is the South African fantasy art film Gaia, which spans a darkly atmospheric score whose tribal ambience is the perfect match for the film’s unusual subject. Directed by Jaco Bouwer Gaia tells the story of a park ranger, whose surveillance mission in a primordial forest gets her in touch with two survivalists following a post-apocalyptic lifestyle. The boy and his philosophical father have their own religion, and share a mysterious relationship to nature. However, when strange, post-human beings attack their cabin one night, the ranger learns that there is a far greater threat than meets the eye...

"This film explores nature as experienced through the stories of four very different characters who all find themselves in an old forest," explains composer Pierre-Henri Wicomb "As we are drawn deeper into it, magical elements are revealed that finally lead to the revelation that something unknown, even divine, is present. A hidden world of connectivity, a mycelium network like the behavior of electrical currents, is uncovered. At the same time, there is something ceremonial about it. My choice of acoustic instruments had to speak to all of these elements simultaneously. I chose the flute, with its mythology, and the textural possibilities of its tone in combination with breath and the wondrous Tibetan horn, the Dungchen. Both have sound colors that bring the tangibility in the images of the trees, its branches, its bark to life. The rest of the sound pallet drew heavily from an electronic sound world. Slow moving, layered, complex sounds sharing similar textural behavior to that of the acoustic instruments. Sounds which sometimes mimic the inter-connectivity of the tree world, while also resembling the haunting cries of a forgotten prehistoric age."

South African composer Pierre-Henri Wicomb completed a Masters Degree in composition at the University of CapeTown and Post Graduate studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and is currently working on his PhD at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Africa Open. Wicomb’s music has been featured at the Festival D’Automne (Paris 2013), New York City Electronic Music Festival (2016, 2018), International Computer Music Conference (Utrecht 2016), Festivalen for Svensk Konstmusik (Stockholm 2019), Forum Wallis (Leuk, Switzerland 2013, 2014), Wilde Bloesem series (Amsterdam 2006), Infecting the City and Unyazi Festivals (Cape Town) to name a few.
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