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MVD Entertainment Group: "ZEROVILLE" [BLU-RAY]

IT WAS A DECADE UNDER THE INFLUENCE... AND ONE MAN IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL. Vikar (James Franco, The Disaster Artist) is a lost soul journeying through a land of myths, beauty and monsters -- Hollywood, 1969. The studio system is in decay, and a new generation of brash filmmakers are on the rise. With his shaved head marked by a tattoo from his favorite film (1951's A Place in the Sun) Vikar is a bizarre presence even amid the freaks and dreamers. 

He finds work first building sets, then as an apprentice editor obsessed with wielding the power of moving images. As his involvement in the creative process deepens, so does his fascination with a tragic screen goddess named Soledad (Megan Fox, Transformers). Together they discover just how hard it is to live in the blurred boundary between reality and fantasy.

Jeremy [Six Strings]

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