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MovieScore Media: "HERO MODE" music by Bill Brown

MovieScore Media teams up with Bill Brown (CSI:NY) to present his latest score that build’s on the composer’s experience in video game scoring. Directed by A.J. Tesler, Hero Mode takes place in the quirky and exciting world of video game development, telling the fun, dramatic, and heartwarming story of a young game prodigy who is faced with the challenge of his life - he has 30 days to create the world’s greateast video game. With everything on the line, and the future of his family’s video game company in peril, the adventure begins! With Brown’s experience in video game music (such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six), he was the ideal composer for the film!

“The main message of Hero Mode is about the challenges we face in that experience of creating. And it really hit home for me. I could relate to having a high-stakes puzzle that needs solving and all that it takes to harness your creativity (and maybe even some sweat and tears) to make it happen. Not to mention, even if it is sometimes daunting, the creative process can still be a lot of fun! — I’m just proud to be a part of this film. I miss the cast and post-production crew already and am so grateful to have spent the time collaborating with all of them. On this album, I added that suite of some of those thematic ideas I was trying out as I began scoring the film. I thought that starting the album from the very beginning of my creative process (with a “ demo suite" of ideas) would be perfect.” The soundtrack also features the song “Brainstorm” performed by Indiana Massara.

Award-winning composer Bill Brown is best known for scoring all nine seasons of the hit CBS series CSI: NY, as well as writing epic scores for games such as Wolfenstein, Lineage II, Captain America: Super Soldier, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and many more. His scores for film include the action-thriller Infamous, starring Bella Thorne and Jake Manley, The Devil's Tomb, with Cuba Gooding Jr., Desiree, starring Ron Perlman - the latter of two have been released by MovieScore Media. Accolades for his music include PCXL Magazine's Best Music Award for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and the Music4Games Editor's Choice Award.
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