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Lakeshore Records: "THE ICE ROAD" music by Max Aruj

Lakeshore Records has digitally released The Ice Road – Music from the Netflix Film, featuring music by up-and-coming composer Max Aruj (Lanksy, Crawl). The Liam Neeson-starring action-thriller demanded a next-level, bombastic orchestral score and that’s exactly what Aruj delivered in this 26-track album. The film is written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh and produced by Code Entertainment, ShivHans Pictures, and Envision Media Arts, and stars Neeson alongside Laurence Fishburne, Amber Midthunder, Benjamin Walker, and Marcus Thomas. The soundtrack is available on all major platforms and the film is now streaming on Netflix in the U.S.
After a remote diamond mine collapses in northern Canada, a group of miners is trapped with only thirty hours of oxygen. A team of veteran ice road truckers is hastily assembled to come to the rescue. Mike McCann (Liam Neeson), along with his younger brother Gurty (Marcus Thomas), a gifted mechanic coping with aphasia, and Tantoo (Amber Midthunder), a fellow ice road expert whose brother is trapped in the mine, are recruited by Jim Goldenrod (Laurence Fishburne). The crew is tasked with the dangerous mission of driving across an ocean of thin ice in eighteen-wheeler trucks to deliver lifesaving drilling equipment before the oxygen runs out. Unbeknownst to them, there is another threat to their daring plan waiting to emerge from an unexpected place. Forced to conquer a litany of obstacles including stalled engines, cracking ice, and violent pressure waves, Mike and the team race to get to the mine before they end up beneath the ice.
Max Aruj says, “Jonathan Hensleigh was such a blast to work with—fun from start to finish! The movie had a classic structure, so once we had the thematic tapestry nailed down, the rest of the film score flowed out. Bombastic orchestral music over the truck action sequences makes for pure entertainment. Having archetypal characters, like Liam Neeson’s portrayal of our hero Mike, made it a joy to dig into the storyline and follow everyone on their journey. It is a challenge to gracefully shift from action to emotion multiple times over within one scene, but is so rewarding when the picture edit (Douglas Crise) and music go hand in hand. We recorded a live orchestra to get our strings soaring and the brass punchy. It's a lot of preparation, but so worth it to take the score to the next level.”
Max Aruj (Crawl, This is Football) is a composer born and raised in Los Angeles. Aruj joined the Assassin’s Creed universe for Wrath of the Druids (2021). Another upcoming release this year includes Eytan Rockaway’s Lansky, starring Harvey Keitel. Aruj co-produced Gryffin’s Deluxe orchestral album (2020). He composed additional music on Mission: Impossible - Fallout for Lorne Balfe, and on The Crown, for Hans Zimmer and Rupert Gregson-Williams. This past year he wrote additional music on HBO’s His Dark Materials.
Aruj’s latest episodic release is Empires of New York (CNBC), a series chronicling the meteoric rise of five icons, streaming on Peacock. Aruj is also a board member for Vox Artivism, a non-profit organization providing music education through project-based learning experiences for kids. He is the composer for Well Played Studios, a full-service VR/AR firm specializing in interactive content and gaming experiences.
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