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MovieScore Media: "YOUR HONOR" music by Erwann Kermorvant

MovieScore Media’s other team-up with composer Erwann Kermorvant also comes from the world of French television. Your Honor (Un homme d'honneur) is an official French remake of the hit Israeli series Kvomo, telling the story of Richard Altman (Kad Merad), a respected judge who is forced to sacrifice everything he has worked for when his son Lucas (Rod Paradot) commits a hit and run, leaving a man for dead. When it turns out that the victim is the son of a dangerous criminal he had helped put behind bars, Richard must prepare for the worst for his family… It is worth noting that the series also had an American version produced with Bryan Cranston in the title role.

"The brief by director Julius Berg was pretty simple: Less is more. He asked me to developed a classic motivic (film noir like) approach to the music with easily recognizable themes for the protagonists. Stressing the dilemma and emotions of the father and his son. We also decided that it was to be an hybrid score of orchestral and electronic colors. I also experimented with more 'musique concrete' like sounds as the plot developed towards more 'roughness' and 'darkness'. Thus offering a palette of Orchestral/Electronic/Found Sounds through the score. I played most of the instruments myself, the rest is programmed."

Erwann Kermorvant began his musical education at the age of 7 at the Lorient Conservatory where he started playing the clarinet. Since finishing the film music program of UCLA, he has written dozens of film and television scores, including the western adventure Big City and the space comedy Un ticket pour l'espace, both of which have been released by MovieScore Media. Kermorvant's most recent credits include Ludovic Colbeau Justin's comedy Le Lion and Bronx, the composer's seventh collaboration with director Olivier Marchal since 2004 (36th Precinct, A Gang Story, Section Zero or Carbone). For more information:
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