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Dario Argento's "GIALLO" [CD 2021] music by Marco Werba

In Italy, a woman fears her sister may have been kidnapped. Inspector Enzo Avolfi fears it's worse. They team up to rescue her from a sadistic killer known only as Yellow.

All Hail the re-release and expanded of the score Dario Argento "GIALLO" from composer Marco Werba. It's a grand score, something you would expect from Werba and as he has proven to us in his other score releases (Seguimi, Anita: Unva Vita Per Garibaldi, Amore e liberta: Masaniello, etc). Filled with intrigue and depth of a pending mystery, I believe the score could stand on it's own and for me it does. It is definitely something you should have or own in your collection and I can say "THANK YOU" as I am one of the lucky ones. For more information on this release, visit the Marco Werba's website and ask him.
Jeremy [Six Strings]
Marco Werba (Film composer and conductor)

Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1963, Marco Werba has lived in Rome, Italy since 1966. He is a versatile composer and has an extensive background in the music field, earning a Degree in Composition and Choral Conducting. He also studied at the Mannes College of Music in New York attending workshops in composition, orchestration and Film music. In addition, he studied conducting at the Academie de Guerande in France.

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