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MovieScore Media: "A SPACE IN TIME" music by Robin Schlochtermeier

MovieScore Media continues its exploration of fantastic documentary scores with A Space in Time, featuring a haunting lyrical, ambient score by Robin Schlochtermeier (The Spy Who Fell to Earth). Directed by Nick Taussig and Riccardo Servini and opening in UK on May 17, A Space in Time is a candid, lyrical, intimate portrait of one family's struggle to transcend a fatal muscle wasting disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which in turn becomes an unlikely celebration of the disabled life, the life cut short by rare disease. The driving idea for Schlochtermeier's score is to musically portray the relationships within this most unusual family.

“There are four main character themes, belonging to Clara (the mother), Nick (the father), Theo and Oskar (the two older brothers who suffer from Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy), and Luca (the youngest son),” expains composer Robin Schlochtermeier. “The two themes for the parents Clara and Nick are based on notes below and just above the root note of Theo and Oskar’s theme, moving up and down respectively, thereby enveloping the root area of Theo and Oskar’s theme in a musical metaphor of parental protection and care. Theo and Oskar’s theme is hopeful and consists of slow, steady steps upward, signifying their resilience and willingness to carry on despite their conditions. Finally, the root note of Luca’s theme is situated above all the rest of them, bringing lightness and “new energy” to the family unit when he is born. As all these themes are so closely situated together, moving in between them is a fluid and easy process, mirroring the similarities between family members. The result is a hopeful, fairly homogeneous score with tonal shifts that are gradual and gentle.”

Robin Schlochtermeier is an award-winning composer for film, television and commercials. He won the award for Best Music for his original score for the psychological thriller Retreat at the British Independent Film Festival. Retreat was also nominated in six other categories including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. He has also composed the music for award-winning broadcast documentaries, for the features Queens of Syria (Black Pearl Award, Abu Dhabi Film Festival), Oh No, Not Rudy Again! (EFM Cannes), and for Strings (British Independent Film Award). His score for The Spy Who Fell to Earth is available from MovieScore Media. 
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