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MovieScore Media: "LUTHER" music by Erwann Kermorvant

Besides releasing his score to Your Honour (Un homme d'honneur), MovieScore Media’s other team-up with composer Erwann Kermorvant also comes from the world of French television. The iconic name of Luther needs no introduction - the original series with a career defining performance by Idris Elba ran for five seasons on BBC One. After tracking down a child murderer, the nervously exhausted detective Theo Luther (Christopher Bayemi) is reinstated into his unit. Despite being plagued by intimate and criminal demons he is brought to investigate Alice (Chloe Jouannet), whom he suspects of the murder of his parents. From now on, Luther fights the worst assassins of Greater Paris under the gaze of a killer who seems to be – yet – the only one to understand him.

"I’ve known director David Morley for a long time and it’s always a pleasure to work with him. He’s always very precise and knows exactly what he wants. In that case it was the mixture of a 'machine' like score and simple melodic tunes to describe the main characters. He also wanted some piano, but 'different' to describe the mental state of mind of the main character. I opted for a micro tuned Pleyel Upright with layers of t-shirt inside to muffled the sound. I also used and amazing sound sculpture from AZZAM Bells to add an organic layers to the more electronic oriented cues. I also recorded an string quartet at my studio for a few cues that needed some sweetening towards the end of the season."

Erwann Kermorvant began his musical education at the age of 7 at the Lorient Conservatory where he started playing the clarinet. Since finishing the film music program of UCLA, he has written dozens of film and television scores, including the western adventure Big City and the space comedy Un ticket pour l'espace, both of which have been released by MovieScore Media. Kermorvant's most recent credits include Ludovic Colbeau Justin's comedy Le Lion and Bronx, the composer's seventh collaboration with director Olivier Marchal since 2004 (36th Precinct, A Gang Story, Section Zero or Carbone). For more information:
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