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BLACK COAL, THIN ICE! [DVD/BLU-RAY] #BlackCoalThinIce @wellgousa

Written and directed by internationally-acclaimed filmmaker Yi’nan Diao (Night Train, Uniform), the award-winning Chinese crime thriller BLACK COAL, THIN ICE debuts on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD September 29 from Well Go USA Entertainment. The stylishly frosty neo-noir drama follows a cynical ex-cop and his bitter ex-partner who have a second chance to redeem themselves when a series of murders begin that are identical to the murders that ended their careers five years earlier and shamed them. BLACK COAL, THIN ICE stars Fan Liao (Chinese Zodiac), Lun Mei Gwei (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate), Xuebing Wang (Beijing Love Story), Jingchun Wang (The Golden Era) and Ailei Yu (The Lost Bladesman).

BLACK COAL, THIN ICE won director Yi’nan Diao the coveted Golden Bear at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival, where Fan Liao was named Best Actor.  In addition, Yi'nan Diao won Best Screenwriter and Fan Liao Best Actor at the 2015 Asian Film Awards and Yi'nan Diao won Best Director at the 2014 Odessa International Film Festival.

Ex-cop Zhang Zili, seriously wounded five years earlier while working on a gruesome coal-plant murder case, was forced to retire from the police force due to his injuries.  Five years later, the killer strikes again, and Zhang, now a factory security guard is determined to redeem himself and solve the case on his own. After his investigation, he discovers that all of the victims seem to be related to a mysterious woman named Wu Zhizhen who works in a dry cleaning shop.  Zhang ends up falling in love with her, but in uncovering the truth finds himself in great danger.


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