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Saban’s Power Rangers: Trickster Treat [DVD]

It’s all tricks and treats in Saban’s Power Rangers: Trickster Treat, arriving on DVD and Digital HD on September 15th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. From the top-rated kid’s live-action series, these fright-fueled, spine-tingling Halloween adventures follow the Rangers as they have a strange encounter with a mysterious medium who conjures “visions” of monsters past! The Saban’s Power Rangers: Trickster Treat DVD. 

It’s Halloween, and the Power Rangers’ biggest foes are determined not to let them ruin any of their ghastly mayhem!  And there’s no time for treats, as the team must outwit Trickster’s nightmare-inducing dream beams, visit a mysterious fortune teller who summons visions of past opponents and escape the haunted forest, all while battling the creepiest of creatures and keeping humanity safe. But is there a monster from the spirit world and beyond that can defeat the Power Rangers?

Jeremy [The Wolf]

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