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MovieScore Media: The Callback Queen - Joseph Conlan

The Callback Queen takes you behind the scenes of filmmaking with a colorful and engaging score composed by Joseph Conlan. Written and directed by Graham Cantwell, the film takes place in the cutthroat London film industry where vivacious actress Kate Loughlin (Amy-Joyce Hastings) is chasing her big break. Upon getting an audition to the Prince of Chaos which promises to be a successful franchise, Kate goes the extra length to get the part, but has conflicted feelings when getting the job means she must get more involved with director Vincent Catalano (Mark Killeen). Add in the mix a rival starlet (Sophie Berenice), two vulnerable young filmmakers (Seán T. Ó Meallaigh & Kate Braithwaite) and a casting agent (Vicki Michelle) to get a recipe for romance and hilarity.

The music for The Callback Queen is written by Joseph Conlan who shows great stylistic variety as he scores not only the romance, but the various productions realized within the film. As he explains: “When producer Stephen Gibson first showed me their trailer, I was taken with how light and bright and full of energy it was. The palette that would be used for the score became pretty clear to me right away. Graham Cantwell and I were on the same page right from the beginning which helped make it a very creative and fun collaboration. The film allowed me a wide range of styles, from light romance to broad comedy, from contemporary action to big, sweeping medieval drama."

Among the notable film directors with whom Conlan has collaborated are Tobe Hooper (Toolbox Murders), John Badham (Obsessed), Gregg Champion (The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn) and Thomas Bezucha (Big Eden). His most significant television series are NCIS, Simon & Simon, Tour of Duty and The Equalizer while his work on television films includes titles like the Emmy-nominated scores for Miracle Run (Mary-Louise Parker, Zack Efron) and Mortal Sins (Christopher Reeve). The composer’s awards include Best Score for No Justice at the Underground Film Festival and Best Song for Finding Home at the Rome International Film Festival.
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