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MovieScore Media: A REASON [2015] - Kim Planert w/ the voice of Lisbeth Scott

MovieScore Media releases the music for the family drama A Reason - Kim Planert’s score won the  Global Music Media Award in 2014 for Best Original Score. Written and directed by Dominique Schilling, A Reason takes place at a family gathering of the Hilgrim family who have a hard time getting along. Serena (Magda Apanowicz) is a young, gay introvert who is forced to endure the dreaded family visit with her controlling older brother Nathan (Nick Eversman). The uneventful trip turns more intense when the house of their elegant Aunt Irene (Marion Ross) will witness not only the reading of the elderly relative’s will - but also the unexpected course of events that ultimately forces the clan to reevaluate their views on love, forgiveness, and family. The soundtrack release coincides with the movie’s limited theatrical release in the US on August 28.

German-born composer Kim Planert started his musical career in the UK as a sound engineer and producer where he worked on films like American Cousins, The Bone Collector, and the TV show Crowdie+Cream, which won a BAFTA award for Best Soundtrack and Best Theme. After moving to Los Angeles, Kim continued his extensive work in the field of film and TV scoring. His best-known work is ABC’s Missing starring Ashley Judd and Sean Bean His best-known work is ABC’s Missing starring Ashley Judd and Sean Bean, for which he won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best TV score together with co-composer Robert Duncan. He has also written music for several other productions including Castle, The Unit, Lie to Me,  Steven Spielberg’s The Whispers and Into the Blue 2. His score Nest of Spiders won the award for Best Music in a Short Film at the Park City Film Music Festival.

“A Reason reminds us of what really matters in life and to not waste the little time we have” explains the composer about his approach. “I experimented with time manipulation techniques such as stretched audio textures and pulses that represent the passing of time. I had a great collaboration with German director Dominique Schilling who comes from a music family. Her father Dieter Dierks has produced several albums for the band The Scorpions.” The score features some of LA’s finest string players and the voice of Lisbeth Scott (Avatar, Narnia).

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