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Music by John Williams, Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein, Richard LaSalle, Frank Comstock, Fred Steiner, Jeff Alexander, Warren Barker, Leith Stevens, Alexander Courage, Robert Drasnin, Cyril J. Mockridge, Gerald Fried, Pete Rugolo and Joseph Mullendore

La-La Land Records, Synthesis Entertainment and Legend Pictures proudly present LOST IN SPACE: 50TH ANNIVERSARY SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, an unprecedented deluxe limited edition 12-CD box set of music from the classic sci-fi television series!

The original music scores from this cherished and historic series come to vivid life like never before, restored and remastered from original scoring elements, and featuring hours of previously unreleased music, including the world premiere release of John William’s score to “The Reluctant Stowaway,” as well as many previously unavailable episode scores, such as “Space Circus,” “West of Mars,” and more!

The music of LOST IN SPACE not only calls forth all the action, danger and unabashed joy of the beloved show, but as meticulously assembled in this astounding set, it reveals itself to be some of the most creative and dynamic scoring ever composed for the medium. Featuring music by John Williams, Herman Stein, Hans J. Salter, Joseph Mullendore, Alexander Courage, Cyril J. Mockridge, Gerald Fried, Leith Stevens, Robert Drasnin, and Fred Steiner, the scores of LOST IN SPACE rocket the listener through a warm galaxy of nostalgia and into a vast universe of awe-inspiring musical expression – all of it finally preserved in a pristine collection to be savored. This deluxe set, limited to 1500 units and housed in an attractive hard-cover slipcase, also contains a 100+page booklet jam-packed with exciting archival photos and art, alongside exclusive, in-depth liner notes by album co-producer Jeff Bond.

Executive Produced by Kevin Burns, produced by Jeff Bond and Neil Bulk, and mastered by Stephen Marsh and Fernando Lee, with out-of-this-world art design by Joe Sikoryak, this is the definitive LOST IN SPACE music collection – a must-have living document of important music compositions for fans and film/TV music enthusiasts of all ages!

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on OCTOBER 6, 2015.


- More than 14 hours of music across 12 CDs!

- 104 Page Booklet with archival photos/art and exclusive liner notes by Jeff Bond.

- First time ever presentation of John Williams' complete ORIGINAL RECORDING of the score to "The Reluctant Stowaway" as conducted and recorded by composer John Williams (this score is sourced from the music stem).

- Presentations of all John Williams’ scores from the series including "The Reluctant Stowaway," "Island in the Sky," "The Hungry Sea" and "My Friend, Mr. Nobody" plus first and third season main and end titles and bumpers.

- Previously unreleased music from Herman Stein's "There Were Giants in the Earth" including "Gold Brick," the familiar music for Dr. Smith.

- Scores from ALL 30 scored episodes of the series, including never-before-released episode scores like "Space Circus," "The Thief From Outer Space," "West of Mars," "The Questing Beast," "The Space Vikings," "The Mechanical Men," "Visit to a Hostile Planet," "A Day at the Zoo," "Space Beauty" and "Junkyard in Space."

- Library cues by Fred Steiner and never before released library cues by Leith Stevens and Lionel Newman.

- 20th Century Fox library movie cues used on the series. 

Wow... Just Wow!
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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