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Intrada: TROLL (180 GRAM VINYL) - Richard Band

Intrada inaugurates its new line of 180-gram vinyl releases with Richard Band's colorful fantasy/horror score to the 1986 film Troll.  Featuring custom artwork by Paul Shipper on UV coated stock and a brand new mastering for vinyl, this resurrected format allows for generous showcasing of the artwork the world gave up when it moved away from vinyl some 30 years ago.  But it's back!

In the score proper, Band fashioned a pair of musical ideas that range from a serene, major-key melody infused with harp arpeggios, triangle, electronics and other bell effects to a diabolical, rhythmic ostinato for chorus and strings identifying the troll terrorizing the building.  As with the earlier CD release, Intrada has retained the original LP program fashioned carefully by the composer.  His original 1985 soundtrack album, featured large, cohesive "movements" -- a film music symphony, of sorts.  As the score progresses through its movements, Band merely suggests at the "troll" motif in "Cantos I", explores it further in "Cantos II", then lets it finally emerge in force as the dynamic "Cantos Profanae" for full chorus and orchestra.

In the film, an unassuming San Francisco apartment complex is home to a hidden gateway to the troll universe. When an unsuspecting family moves into the building, a troll abducts the family's youngest daughter and assumes her likeness. Free of its ugly appearance, the troll moves from apartment to apartment, transforming tenants into mythical creatures and the rooms within to the enchanted woodlands of the troll world.  Only the older brother and the building's resident witch can save the world at large from the Troll universe.  The film Stars Michael Moriarty, Noah Hathaway, June Lockhart, Anne Lockhart, Sony Bono, Shelley Hack, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jenny Beck. John Carl Buechler masterminded the creature effects, penned the story, and directed, as well.

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