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Intrada: CANDLESHOE [1977-2016] - Ron Goodwin

Rousing, flavorful Walt Disney/Ron Goodwin soundtrack music arrives on CD at last! One of several pictures scored by Goodwin for Disney, Candleshoe offers music both comedic, dramatic. Jodie Foster, David Niven, Helen Hayes, Leo McKern headline terrific cast, Norman Tokar directs with flair. Candleshoe is English countryside estate replete with possible ancestral treasure. Hayes is owner Lady St. Edmund, Niven her loyal butler, Foster the American orphan staged by thieves to pose as missing granddaughter in order to locate treasure. Events funny, exciting, warmly sentimental all result. Goodwin tackles all of them with his score. Energetic "Main Title" launches with brass line over striking major key rhythms.

Other themes abound throughout score but two outstanding ideas based on harmonic vocabulary of main theme deserve spotlight. First is richly expressive string music in modal Vaughan Williams manner during "Casey Takes A Walk With Lady St. Edmund", opening portion of "End Title". Second is incredibly dynamic sword-fight action music for "The Big Fight At Candleshoe" with blazing brass, powerful rhythms, unfolding to similar modal harmonies. Results are widely varied orchestral scoring with unusual degree of coherency throughout.

Just Announced... never heard of this, but I am intrigued!!
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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