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After Dark Films: UNNATURAL - 8 Films to Die!

A photographer and his group set out in the dead of winter for the Alaskan wilderness to take advantage of the limited, but beautiful daylight. They are met by an experienced hunter and local lodge owner who instills fear within the group by telling them the legend of Maneater, a bear that has fangs and claws sharper than man made metal.

This epic tall tale quickly becomes our groups real living nightmare as they are unaware of a bear experiment that has gone wrong. The bioengineering company, Clobirch Industries, has genetically altered a polar bear so it can better survive climate change, but the end result is a relentless, deadly, man eating machine.

It is up to our lodge owner and his native guide to protect the group from harm, but this bear proves to be more than he or anyone else ever expected.

"A chilling trip to some dark, musical places, with the most aggressive music I have ever written". -Edwin Wendler

Extra bonus, friend of the Howlin' Wolf is composer Edwin Wendler and one of the coolest labels VARESE SARABANDE release the score to this film. We couldn't be happier, more news coming soon where Edwin will be part of our family... shhh I think that is a secret?
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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