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Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack for the film NAVY SEALS: THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS digitally on November 20, 2015.  The album features the film’s original music by Justin Raines, Brian Jackson Harris, Drew Jordan, and Michael Wickstrom.

“The scenes involving the SEALs and their interaction with each other helped us to develop themes that revolve around the ‘brotherhood.’ As their struggle and situation changed, the themes evolved with them.” Described Raines.

In this action-packed thriller, an elite military team is activated for a dramatic rescue of the Vice President from the Louisiana State Capitol.  When all communication is lost with the US Secret Service team, the US Government must rely on the SEAL team to save the day.  Upon entering the building and securing the VP and his staff, the SEALs encounter a reporter and her cameraman who have recorded shocking images of what they believe to be an infection among the city’s population.  Speculation mounts that the inhabitants of Baton Rouge have been weaponized by a biological agent, which turns its victims into vicious zombie killers. The SEALs must act fast to locate and evacuate a group of scientists that hold the only hope for a cure. Time is running out as a horde of infected zombies heads to cross the Mississippi River Bridge and threatens everyone beyond the city’s borders.  NAVY SEALS: THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS is pandemic fun and one wild ride!

“Since the score used orchestral and electronic instruments, the most unusual choices we made involved using specific synths and drones to heighten the tension of scenes where our heroes are lurking around dark hallways and in tense situations,” said Raines.  “We have all worked together on other projects, so our combined efforts and ideas really gelled well together to achieve a finished score I know we are all very proud of.”

Drew Jordan is a composer, sonic explorer, and experimentalist working in Santa Monica, CA. Specializing in hardware and software synthesizers and sampling technology, he has created sounds and virtual instruments for composers on motion pictures including CHAPPIE, TERMINATOR GENISYS, and BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Additionally, he worked closely with the lead composer as a sound designer for the video game HALO 5: GUARDIANS.

Michael Wickstrom has composed for the films AMBUSHED, PUNCTURE WOUNDS, and A GOOD MAN, and composed for the theatrical film trailers GOOD KILL and BURYING THE EX.  Michael Wickstrom is a member of the composing team Electroillusion scoring original cues for WALKING TALL on CBS and the theme song for MGM's BEAUTY SHOP DVD.  Michael was Soundtrack Producer for the films FATHERS & DAUGHTERS, PAY THE GHOST, A TALE OF LOVE & DARKNESS, THE COBBLER, GOOD KILL, BURYING THE EX, and THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.

NAVY SEALS: THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS is now available on iTunes and VOD. Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack for NAVY SEALS: THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS digitally on November 20, 2015.

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I hate when films come out like this and I start my search for images to share with you all and I come up with virtually nothing... Good thing the score is good or I might be tearing someone from limb from limb. 
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