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Hallmark Channel brings you another fun holiday treat in the endearing original movie BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY EVER. Part of Hallmark’s “12 Original Movies of Christmas,” the film stars Steve Lund (“Bitten”) and Torrey DeVitto (“One Tree Hill”), and was nominated for a DGC Craft Award for Sound Editing.

With the holiday season at hand, young party planner Jennie Stanton learns that her boss, Petra, will be retiring after Christmas and hopes she will be left in charge of Petra’s Parties, New York’s premiere event planning service. Jennie’s hopes fade when Petra’s charming and handsome nephew, Nick, arrives on the scene and Petra announces that he will take over the business. When an opportunity to plan a toy store’s Christmas Eve party arises, Jennie runs with it, arranging a warm and traditional affair in the same vein as the Christmas parties that inspired her as a child. As Christmas Eve approaches, will Jennie open her heart to find love for the holiday?

Yeah, like I said... sucker and they always feature some good looking people!! :)
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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