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Baseball Legends [DVD]

The epic stories of four baseball heroes come to life when Baseball Legends hits a homerun on DVD October 13th from Major League Baseball, A+E Networks and Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron and Lou Gehrig turned baseball into the National Pastime that it is today. This inspiring collection brings a fresh historical and psychological perspective to the lives of these American icons. Using rare and enhanced archival material and state-of-the-art production techniques, these films are the perfect holiday gift for baseball and history fans alike. Narrated by Martin Sheen, Baseball Legends 2 DVD set contains 4 films focusing on each legend and exclusive bonus features for a total of over four hours of content and will be available. 

Follow the life stories of four of the most legendary figures in baseball history in one captivating set. The films highlight the careers of Babe Ruth,  his bat turned him into a household name; Ted Williams, the last player to hit .400; Lou Gehrig, won 6 World Series before illness ended his career; and Hank Aaron, rose from adversity to break the record of a king.
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