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Puppet Master X: Axis Rising is a 2012 horror film and is the tenth entry in the Puppet Master series. It is a direct sequel to Axis of Evil and introduces new puppets named Blitzkrieg, Bombshell, Kamikaze and Weremacht, who fight alongside the Nazis. It was released on October 9, 2012 by Full Moon Features.

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La-La Land Records presents two exciting original scores from acclaimed composer Richard Band (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW) -- the tenth installment in the fan-favorite PUPPET MASTER franchise, PUPPET MASTER X: AXIS RISING, starring Kip Canyon and Jean Louise O’Sullivan and THE EVIL CLERGYMAN, starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton and David Gale, both directed by Charles Band. With PUPPETMASTER X: AXIS RISING, composer Band unleashes a rich arsenal of militaristic action, thrills and drama – a big musical backdrop for this saga of diminutive warriors. For THE EVIL CLERGYMAN, a Lovecraftian horror short starring the Combs/Crampton/Gale trio from RE-ANIMATOR (originally made for the lost Empire Pictures PULSEPOUNDERS anthology feature), Band examines the very nature of our darkest and most lustful impulses. When a VHS workprint of CLERGYMAN was discovered a few years ago, Band recorded an amazing score for the short film – a hauntingly beautiful and romantic piece of work that adds a soulful and disturbing dimension to the short’s ghastly proceedings. Produced by Richard Band and Matt Verboys, and mastered by James Nelson, this special release of 2000 units features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger (with new interview comments from the composer) and dynamic art design by David C. Fein. A must have for horror/fantasy fans from one of the genre’s most celebrated composers.  

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Who doesn't love the Puppet Master series, I know I have seen many... not too sure on this one
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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