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A new season is hatching and the beards are booming! Watch America's favorite Southern lovin' family as they keep on truckin' with their wild and hilarious antics in Duck Dynasty: Season 8 arriving on DVD October 6th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. A true broadcast sensation, Duck Dynasty ranks as the highest-rated nonfiction series on cable and has been a gigantic hit on DVD with over 4 million units sold to date while it continues to delight millions of fans.  The two-disc Duck Dynasty: Season 8 DVD includes eight episodes and more than 20 minutes of bonus features.

Summer is here, and for the Robertsons that means more pranks, parties and, for Korie, planning for John Luke’s big wedding. While the guys are busy bowling, golfing and goofing, Korie finds shopping for engagement presents not so easy with Si and Kay along for the ride. As Jase and the gang attempt to work as a NASCAR pit crew, Korie and Willie take to the courts challenging John Luke and his fiancé Mary Kate to a doubles tennis match. [QUACK HERE: FOR MORE INFO]
Really, it's time to put up or shut up!
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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