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Chemical Burn Entertainment: The Experiment: Who's Watching You?

The Experiment:
Who's Watching You?

Mary's life is disintegrating, she's on the verge of losing everything and desperately needs income to survive. Driven to extremes she responds to an add in the paper and embarks on a series of home based drug tests that go horribly wrong. What follows is a world of drug induced madness and surreal sensuality as Mary falls prey to the underground world of pharmaceutical testing revealing more evil undertones than anybody would dare imagine. She is being monitored while she suffers a humiliating onslaught of psychedelic depravity both physical and mental Mary IS the experiment. Explore the warped psychological world of human sickness that is a stark reminder of the society we have created.

Chemical Burn Entertainment

Keep your finger on the FAST-FORWARD! There is a cool song/video that was one of the highlights hidden within this film... I mean science project. I am not even giving this a /5... it's like the same stuff.... naked girl is being abused by the mental that she is... someone out there will like it?
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

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