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History's: Poltergeists: Real-Life Hauntings

Prepare for the paranormal when HISTORY®’s Poltergeists: Real-Life Hauntings arrives on DVD July 14th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. This 2-disc set explores the history of poltergeists, hauntings, exorcisms and other supernatural phenomena. Loaded with six HISTORY® specials — including “Poltergeist,” “Hauntings,” “Exorcism: Driving out the Devil,” “Voodoo Secrets,” “Ghosts” and “Salem Witch Trials” — Poltergeists: Real-Life Hauntings will be available on DVD.

Step into the paranormal world with this comprehensive set of popular HISTORY® programs. From the practice of magic spells, diabolical curses, satanic worship and human sacrifice to zombies and witches, Poltergeists: Real-Life Hauntings rigorously examines the “underworld” with expert commentary on the social, medical, psychological and perhaps “real” things that go bump in the night.

Jeremy [The Wolf]

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