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Magnolia Home Entertainment: WHITE GOD

A cautionary tale about our “superiority” over “lesser beasts”... A seemingly harmless measure that aims to make dog-breeding more disciplined in Hungary kicks off a series of extraordinary events. Favoring pedigree and purebred dogs, the new regulation places a severe tax on those who own mixed breeds -- so owners begin to dump their mongrels and shelters quickly become overcrowded.

This new set of laws has real consequences, especially for 13-year-old Lili (Zsófia Psotta), who's already a pawn in her parents’ bitter divorce. Lili can't understand why her dog, Hagen, is now somehow less than other dogs, nor can she comprehend why her father (Sándor Zsóstár) won't simply pay the tax on her beloved companion. Instead, her father, in a fit of rage, abandons Hagen on the streets. Heartbroken, Lili hates her father for making her betray her beloved companion. Still innocently believing that love can win over any difficulty, Lili sets out to find her dog and save him.

Meanwhile, Hagen, too, searches desperately to return home to Lili. Struggling to survive, Hagen soon learns that not everyone is a dog’s best friend. Wandering the streets, the former housepet falls into a series of dangerous situations. He must flee dogcatchers; he is exploited by a crafty beggar; he even becomes the prisoner of a dog fighting trainer. Hagen is soon back on the street where he joins a pack of stray dogs.

Weeks later, Lili begins to accept the fact that she may never be reunited with Hagen. She is bitterly disappointed, but she tries to focus on preparations for her orchestra’s annual concert so she can reconcile with her father and enjoy the life of a normal teenager.

When Hagen is captured and sent to the pound, his future seems more dismal than ever. He and the other dogs seize an opportunity to escape and revolt against mankind. Their revenge will be merciless -- and courageous Lili may be the only person who can stop this unexpected war between man and dog.
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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