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Lionsgate Home Entertainment: Seeds of Yesterday

The fourth and final installment of Lifetime®’s Flowers in the Attic film series, Seeds of Yesterday, arrives on DVD (plus Digital) July 21 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Beginning with Flowers in the Attic — the highest-rated made-for-cable movie in over two years — the four-part Dollanganger tale comes to a dramatic conclusion in Seeds of Yesterday, as the sins of the past rise to the surface. Starring Heather Graham (Showtime’s “Californication”) and Jason Lewis (HBO’s “Sex and the City”) and based on the best-selling V.C. Andrews book series, the Seeds of Yesterday DVD. 

In Seeds of Yesterday, the Dollangangers continue to coexist miserably, as their deeply troubled relationships, dark secrets and tragedies come to a head in a way that will haunt the family and its progeny forever. Jason Lewis and Rachael Carpani reprise their roles from If There Be Thorns as Christopher and Cathy Dollanganger, while James Maslow portrays Bart Dollanganger and Sammi Hanratty plays Cindy Sheffield, the rebellious adopted daughter of Christopher and Cathy.
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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