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MovieScore Media: The Confessions of Thomas Quick - Nainita Desai and Malcolm Laws

While Nordic noir and crime stories are still very popular since the international success of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, MovieScore Media is thrilled to showcase the music for the exciting feature documentary which explores the life of the person everyone thought was Sweden’s most enigmatic serial killer, Thomas Quick. Quick first confessed his crimes in a mental institution for the criminally insane and his testimonies helped in the closing of at least two unsolvable murders. His case took an unbelievable turn in 2008 when Quick withdrew all his confessions, some of his victims turned up alive and a murder he was linked to resulted in a DNA mismatch… The Confessions of Thomas Quick directed by BAFTA winning filmmaker Brian Hill, traces the birth of this most unusual individual, what made him confess these crimes and what made him change his mind.

Co-composer Nainita Desai describes the inspirations for the score: "Our score was initially inspired by the vibes of Nordic noir sounds stemming from hit TV dramas such as The Bridge and The Killing, yet the foundations of our music stretch much further. Thomas Quick’s fragile state is represented by the ethereal female voice, while the subtle use of sliding notes and brass slides bring out his descent into insanity, portraying a contradiction of beauty and humanity alongside his deep loneliness, mayhem and horrors of the crimes he committed." The Quick Ensemble features cello, violin, piano, trombone, vocals and Finnish accordionist Antti Paalanen playing in his unique Breath Box style. The end credits song "The Loneliness Inside" features Faroese singer Eivor Palsdottir who also performs on the new BBC drama series The Last Kingdom.

Nainita Desai started her career as a sound designer by working on films for directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci (Little Buddha), Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire) or Werner Herzog (The Burning Oil Fields of Kuwait) as well as Peter Gabriel. Malcolm Laws has a degree in Music and is a multi-instrumentalist session player of a wide range of exotic world instruments. As composers, they have worked for all the major networks from the BBC through HBO to National Geographic. Their recent credits include the BBC Docu-Musical High and and the Bafta nominated and RTS Best Music nominee documentary The Day Kennedy Died.

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