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LORDS OF LONDON: Family ties and loyalties are tested in Lords Of London, arriving on DVD (plus Digital) September 1st from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. This London based thriller stars Ray Winstone (Snow White and the Huntsman), Glen Murphy (TV’s “London’s Burning”), Giovanni Capalbo (The Passion of The Christ) and introducing Cassius Terence Murphy. Winner of Best Film at Italy’s Abruzzo Film Festival and New York Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival World Cinema, Lords Of London will be available on DVD.

London gangster, Tony Lord (Murphy), is the son of the notoriously ruthless Terry Lord (Winstone). After a standard shakedown goes awry, Tony must confront his father’s past in order to alter the gritty, abusive path that his life is spiraling down.
LAWLESS KINGDOM: The word “hero” takes on whole new meaning when Lawless Kingdom arrives on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and On Demand September 1st from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. TV’s “Criminal Minds” meets The Fantastic Four in this high-stakes action thrill ride following four crime fighters with unique supernatural powers. Written and directed by Gordon Chan (Fists Of Legends, The Medallion), this action-packed adventure stars Deng Chao (Assembly), Liu Yi Fei (The Four) and Anthony Wong (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor). The Lawless Kingdom DVD.
Four superhumans – Coldblood, Emotionless, Iron Hands and Life Snatcher – all with supernatural powers, dedicate their unique and special skills to solving crimes and apprehending powerful criminals.
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