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MovieScore Media: OUTCAST [2015] - Guillaume Roussel

Following the release of Last Knights earlier this year, MovieScore Media presents another Medieval action/adventure score, courtesy of French composer Guillaume Roussel. Directed by Nick Powell, Outcast tells the story of the heir to the Imperial throne who becomes the target of an assassination by his despised older brother. The young prince finds protection with war-weary crusader named Jacob (Hayden Christensen),and the mythical outlaw known only as The White Ghost (Nicholas Cage). The unlikely trio must fight together in an epic battle to return the prince to his rightful place on the throne.
French composer Guillaume Roussel is becoming one of the most promising composers in France. He wrote music for his first French feature film in 2012 with Les seigneurs for director Olivier Dahan (after a previous collaboration on La vie en rose as an orchestrator); they collaborated two years later on Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Gidman and Tim Roth. His other important credits include McG’s Three Days to Kill and Cedric Jimenez’s La French starring Jean Dujardin. Working as a composer in Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions team, Guillaume‘s contributions can be heard in the scores for James L. Brooks’ How Do You Know?, Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides and the 2012 Academy Award Ceremony. 

Fans of of Hans Zimmer early epic scores will have a smile on their faces listening to Roussel’s score for Outcast, which has thematic similarities to popular Zimmer scores such as The Last Samurai and King Arthur. "The challenge was to find a strong theme that would lead the journey of the characters: the kid, the young warrior and the white ghost an allegory of a men's life path and the intent of the music is to bound all three together. Some of the main inspirations are Medieval music through the use of viola da gamba and that contralto singing in Latin, but there is also Chinese music with the use of Guzheng for the romantic theme. I'm hoping that the music on the album will be able to showcase the whole journey through this very eclectic world: Crusaders fighting Moors, an Indian salt caravan cruising in the Chinese desert, a little kid becoming an Emperor and finally a man finding redemption." The music also features countertenor solos by MovieScore Media’s very own producer Mikael Carlsson ("Crusades"), who recorded his voice especially for this album release. 

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Just Announced! I have been listening to this score a few times... really been enjoying it!! Bravo, Guillaume Roussel!
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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