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La-La Land Records: THE DOGS OF WAR [1981-2015] - Geoffrey Burgon

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La-La Land Records and MGM proudly present the world premiere release of the original motion picture score to the 1981 mercenary drama THE DOGS OF WAR, starring Christopher Walken, Tom Berenger and Coln Blakely, and directed by John Irvin. Composer Geoffrey Burgon (LIFE OF BRIAN, ROBIN HOOD ’91) unleashes a powerful orchestral score, rich in drama and brooding suspense. “Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries,” with vocals performed by Gillian McPherson, is a knockout track -- the entire score is a thrilling revelation ripe for discovery. Produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Matessino this special release of 1200 Units features exclusive liners from writer Julie Kirgo and blazing art design by Mark Banning.

 It's Epic, it's got big balls of music... yes I said it!
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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