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Lakeshore Records and Hasbro, Inc. are releasing the forthcoming DJ PON3 PRESENTS MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC REMIXED digitally and on CD June 23, 2015.  Daniel Ingram’s beloved original songs are remixed by some of the top talent on the scene, including Faust & Shortee, Arkasia, Rubicon 7, Heavygrinder and more. The album was produced by Justin Lassen, who worked with all of the artists for the recording.

“The MY LITTLE PONY brand has taught fans of all ages about the power of friendship for more than 30 years through socially relevant messages of acceptance and kindness,” said Samantha Lomow, Senior Vice President of Hasbro Brands. “We have seen the power of storytelling through music and lyrics in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series, and we are thrilled to bring our fans a whole new way to enjoy some of their favorite songs, curated by our most beloved musical pony, DJ Pon3.”

Talented artists from all over the world came together under the direction of Justin Lassen to put their spin on the beloved sounds fans know and love from the beloved animated series. The power of the music from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has started to resonate in the dance and EDM scene, so artists including Feint, Buddygirrl, Hollidayrain, Daisy O’Dell, I Am Orange, Acid Paradox and others signed up to work their magic.

One of the first people to be considered for this project was DJ Shortee who is considered by many to be a rare breed of technical diversity and musical prowess, making her one of the most sought after DJs worldwide.  Her counterpart, Faust, is also a force to be reckoned with having attracted licensing features with MTV, NBC, CNN, the X-GAMES and ESPN. Together the pair’s turntable knowledge and on-stage chemistry enables them to get listeners lost in the music by blending different elements magically together to take you on a bumping journey.

Like most, Arkasia started with a history in classical music, and at the age of 5 he started playing the violin. Years later he would go on to teach himself the drums, Massive and Ableton programs where websites like hailed him as the “King of orchestral dubstep.”

HeavyGrinder has captured the attention of audiences in Ibiza, Korea, Mexico, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, and more. She now tours the U.S. playing direct support or headlining with some of the biggest DJ/producers to date. 

Rubicon 7 (aka R7) is an electronic duo consisting of a male and female counterpart. They have experienced international success with releases in the U.S., Spain, Brazil, Sweden and the U.K. with their hit "Make Me Feel." Most notably, the duo released their first soundtrack for the film MAY IN SUMMER at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

"This was a special project to me, I took great care in representing the characters of the show and the genres of music we wanted to cover," said Lassen. "I wanted to give something special back to the amazingly supportive MY LITTLE PONY community, something that would excite longtime fans and perhaps create new ones.”

The consummate creator, Lassen is credited with a number of full-length recordings under various guises since he began his career at the age of 15. As Omnicron, a brooding electronica project with cinematic undertones, Lassen released 11 albums through a fledgling, quickly gaining notoriety as a musical prodigy with a penchant for classical composition. Next to break through was the industrial rock outfit Digital Dirt Heads, which featured Lassen in a multi-instrumentalist, Trent Reznor-like role, writing and producing hard-edged material with the occasional collaborative element. But it was 2003 that saw Lassen’s star rise to new heights with his dark chamber orchestral release And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly.

Lassen has been a long time fan of electronic music and has experienced success over the last decade remixing for the likes of Madonna, Garbage, The Killers, Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Evanescence, and more.  Lassen has also contributed music to the Lakeshore Records soundtracks for I FRANKENSTEIN and UNDERWORLD.  His production talents have been utilized by high profile firms - including iZotope, Cakewalk, Intel, Sony, Konami, and Interplay - making the connection with Hasbro a perfect match.

The animated series “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,” produced by Hasbro Studios and currently airing on the Discovery Family channel in the U.S., follows a colorful cast of pony friends as they embark on a journey of friendship, learning what it means to be a good friend and understanding what makes each person unique and special. 

Track Listing:
(All songs originally composed by Daniel Ingram)

01. Smile Song (Buddygirrl Remix)
02. Love Is In Bloom (Angel Bunny Remix)
03. Bab’s Seed (Hollidayrain Remix)
04. Every Pony (Daisy O’Dell Remix)
05. Winter Wrap Up (Feint Remix)
06. Welcome Song (Faust & Shortee Remix)
07. Cutie Mark Crusaders (Heavygrinder Remix)
08. Raise This Barn (I Am Orange Remix)
09. This Day Aria (Acid Paradox Remix)
10. Every Pony (Rubicon 7 Remix)
11. Love Is In Bloom (Hollidayrain Remix)
12. Friendship is Magic (Justin Lassen Remix)
13. Fluttershy’s Song (Arkasia Remix)

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