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BACKLIGHT, by acclaimed Portuguese composer NUNO MALO.  For BACKLIGHT Kronos records goes back into the not too distant past of the composer to release his wonderfully melodic and affecting soundtrack for BACKLIGHT (aka THE SIGNAL).

The composer has created a melodically sublime and particularly haunting musical score for this motion picture from 2010 which became the number 1 box office movie in Portugal in that year. The director Fernando Fergata produced a thought provoking piece of cinema and it has thankfully in recent times been referred to as a cinematic masterpiece by a number of critics, which is a statement that I would have to agree with. BACKLIGHT is a solely Portuguese production but most of the picture was shot in The United States which is a surprising factor. 

VIRAL is a 2013 horror / thriller film directed by Lucas Figueroa and starring Aura Garrido, Juan Blanco and Miguel Ángel Muñoz. Raul is The Chosen One to be the lowly reality star of a promotion and viral campaign for FNAC. The deal, He has to live 24 hours in the store for one week. The catch, his only contact with the outside world will be through social media where he will be known as the Supergeek. If the Supergeek generates 1.000.000 “likes” by week’s end he gets the prize of 50.000 €, enough to pay off lots of bills, parking tickets and help his sick father. Strange things start to happen and his online presence gets VIRAL!

For Viral composer Jiménez Lacima utilises a very American palette for the genre, however adding to it his own colors, that show his classical training and his eclectic musical tastes making of VIRAL standing out of the usual staple of the genre, arming it with dramatic and very personal moments that make this score shine where many others fail.  The score was recorded in Hungary with the Budapest Art Orchestra under the direction of Peter Pejtsik.  

Two more wonderful scores from some awesome composers and from two different sides of the coin. It is worth looking into, I am sure glad these scores, composers and label is out there...
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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