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C2E2: Insidious Chapter 3 [2015] - 4D Experience!

What a treat as we just began our journey... we came to a creepy halt, the Insidious Chapter 3... trailer and before we knew it we were inside. An experience not your typical 3d, but a all surrounding 4d... things all around you grabbing for your souls as you make it down the corridors. 

In the middle of this walking nightmare comes the chilling trailer from it's upcoming release... so sit back and endure the ride!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


Photographer: Stephen Bulow
Coverage by: Howlin' Wolf's Records
Video Coverage by: Jeremy Hawkins [The Wolf]
Hosted by: C2E2

All images and video is owned and operated
by Jeremy Hawkins unless other-wised marked.

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