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Cheezy Flicks: CHILLERS 3

CHILLERS 3... Three bone chilling tales of terror! A Haunt - Carrie White wanted to go check out a local haunted house to kill some time. Terrifyingly realistic, she got uch mor than she bargained for. Soul Mates - After a mugging Jason Tallman is plagued by nightmares. Are these really just night terrors or something even more frightening? The Couple - Thieves Barbara and Freddy thought they puled off the heist of a lifetime until a stranded couple seeks shelter. Now they have to deal with them in order to get away with it.

Special Features - Horror Trivia Name Game, Jessica Jackson Memorial Slideshow, Toxic Zombie's "Run For Your Life" Music Video, & Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

Starring: Jessica Jackson, Russell Faulk, Guthrie Taylor, Jaron Lewis, & David Wester
Directed By: Tyler Benjamin

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