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Olive Films: SKI SCHOOL (1991) [BLU-RAY/DVD] May 26th

Skiing is a high stakes game for Reid Janssens (Mark Thomas Miller), the preppy, pretentious and very serious skier who rules the slopes. And then there’s Dave Marshak (Dean Cameron), a reckless party animal, but with equally impressive skills on white powder. Like oil & water, these two do not mix. So, it’s a fight to the finish as they set out to win the title in the end-of-season downhill race, which tests their endurance as they battle one another on and off the slopes in the action-comedy Ski School. Also featured in Ski School are Darlene Vogel (Back To The Future Part II), Ava Fabian (Welcome Back, Roxy Carmichael) and Stuart Fratkin (Teen Wolf Too).

DEAN CAMERON (Terminal Rush, A Dark Truth)
MARK THOMAS MILLER (Mom, TV’s "Misfits Of Science")
STUART FRATKIN (They Came From Outer Space, Teen Wolf Too)
DARLENE VOGEL (Back To The Future Part II)
AVA FABIAN (Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael)

Directed by:
DAMIAN LEE (Terminal Rush, A Dark Truth)


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Jeremy [The Wolf]

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