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ScreamWorks Records: The Devil’s Hand - Anton Sanko

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The latest release of ScreamWorks Records entitled The Devil’s Hand guides you into the dark soul of a small and isolated religious community whose depraved secrets are slowly unfolded by a suitably experimental scored by Anton Sanko. Set in a small rural community caught up in religious fervor, the isolated group is shaken by the birth of six girls on the sixth day of the sixth month. 666. When one of the girls disappears 18 years later, the village is split on the question. For members like Elder Beacon (Colm Meany), the vanishing act is the sign of an apocalyptic prophecy - younger members like Jacob Brown (Rufus Sewell) however think that the elders may be responsible and further disappearances will follow suit...

The score by composer Anton Sanko builds upon the unlikely setting of the story as it invents a brand new musical language for a group of luddites whose only access to music could be the objects they are readily available to them. As the composer puts it: "The Devil's Hand takes place in a fictionalized Amish-like community called New Bethlehem. It is a small, religiously conservative commune that shuns the modern world. I imagined what instruments would exist within this environment and  wanted to make score from them. I spent a few days recording, torturing  and abusing various dulcimers, autoharps, zithers and other stringed instruments, and those recordings became the foundation to this score."

Starting out his career as a musician in the band of Suzanne Vega, Anton Sanko has been writing film music since the early ‘90s and has contributed music to over 50 films and television shows. He may be best known for underscoring Nicole Kidman’s Oscar-nominated performance in Rabbit Hole (2010) while his small screen successes include three seasons of HBO’s polygamy drama Big Love (2009-11) and Ring of Fire (2013), the Johnny Cash / June Carter biopic that brought the composer a Primetime Emmy nomination. The Devil’s Hand is the latest addition to Anton Sanko’s already impressive filmography in the horror genre: his other recent titles include the exorcism film The Possession (2012), Hasbro’s first feature film Ouija (2014) and Jessabelle (2014), a supernatural horror set in the Louisiana.
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