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Lionsgate: Duck Dynasty®: Season 7

The Robertsons return to their roots in Duck Dynasty®: Season 7, arriving on DVD May 19 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. This season, Phil, Willie, Si and Jase Robertson journey through Scotland and get into even more shenanigans than usual! As the top rated non-fiction series on cable, the broadcast phenomenon has also been a gigantic hit on DVD with over 4 million units sold to date. With 20 minutes of never-before-seen-on-TV bonus content, the Duck Dynasty®: Season 7 2-disc DVD. 

The Robertson family is back in business in Season 7 with a fun-filled host of family antics and occupational escapades. Duck Dynasty® travels across the pond when Willie and the crew travel to Scotland. But while on a bus tour to reawaken their Scottish roots, will they uncover more than expected? Jase tries his hand at the Highland Games while Jep and Jessica are Uncle Si-interrupted during a romantic rendezvous. Back home, Willie kicks into gear as assistant football coach on Lil Will's team while “Dancing with the Stars’” Mark Ballas pays a visit to partner Sadie and gets Willie and Kay out on the dance floor. What will happen as Si, Kay and Phil offer their journalistic expertise when the family takes over a local TV show during a special holiday spectacle? The Christmas love continues when the family lends a helping hand to a longtime Duck Commander employee's mom in need.
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