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C2E2 [2015] - Part I

April was a busy month and I have a lot of things to share, hopefully you will stick around and look at some of the videos/photos of the C2E2 comic convention....

It was the first time we have gotten to this convention in four years... from a Flu-bug to a broken ankle. We were pleasantly surprised by the size and actual attention to the comic books, not to just the world of celebrities. Now I am not saying there weren't celebrities, just so many more talented comic book artist, writers and around cool people. We covered a tenth of this convention, we had no idea the size, so we dedicated only one day... we needed to cover the three days. Maybe next year, but for now here is some of the things we had seen.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


Photographer: Stephen Bulow 
Coverage by: Howlin' Wolf's Records 
Video Coverage by: Jeremy Hawkins [The Wolf] 
Hosted by: C2E2

All images and video is owned and operated
by Jeremy Hawkins unless other-wised marked.

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