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THE RAID 2: Uncompromising and BLOODY Brilliant!

I know somebody else has already said it but THE RAID 2 is THE GODFATHER 2 of action films.  This is a sequel that builds upon the story of the first one yet destroys the formula set by the first one.  It is a film that does what it wants and it will take its time doing so.  A world is created and this film will explore it.  THE RAID 2 merges bloody action with art house style film making.  It is beautiful and ugly at the same time.  By the end of the film you will dwell on what you have just witnessed and either love it for it's ambition or think that the original was better for it's simplicity.  Either way THE RAID 2 will leave an impression on you and make you want to stay away from hammers for awhile.

After surviving the first THE RAID our hero is immediately put into undercover duty trying to root out the corrupt cops that do business with the Indonesian mob.  The apartment run by gangsters has been replaced by an entire world run by gangsters that our hero is trying to escape.  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING....


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