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Red River Entertainment: Marshall Crenshaw releases new 10” Vinyl EP, Red Wine

Legendary rocker, Marshall Crenshaw, releases his new EP entitled Red Wine, as part of his limited edition subscription based EP series available only on 10” vinyl and digital download.

In keeping with the previous EP releases, Red Wine consists entirely of newly recorded, never-before-released material, encompassing a new original Crenshaw composition, a classic cover tune, and a new reworking of a time-honored Crenshaw favorite. There is also an unlisted surprise “bonus” track.

Crenshaw's fourth EP, Red Wine, features the great new title song on the A-side as well as a cover of James McMurty's "Right Here Now" and a re-make of his classic "Delilah" entitled "Hey Delilah" on the B-side. All three tracks were mastered for maximum sound fidelity by veteran engineer Greg Calbi, who is handling mastering duties on the entire EP series.

Listen to the single “Red Wine” here:

“I’ve always put a great deal of care into the albums I’ve made,” Crenshaw says, “but as a listener, I’ve always been a singles guy and an individual-tracks guy. I’m looking forward to creating a steady output of music in small batches, rather than being stuck in a cave for months and stockpiling a whole bunch of music and dumping it out all at once. Now, when I finish something, I get to put it out, instead of having to wait until I’ve got 12 more.”

Each EP is part of a new business model for Marshall – a subscription service, which the singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer recently launched via a successful Kickstarter funding campaign, that will provide fans with a steady stream of new Marshall Crenshaw music via a series of exclusive three-song 10-inch, 45-rpm vinyl EPs, six of which Crenshaw plans to release over a two-year period. In addition to the vinyl discs, subscribers will also receive a download card for high-quality digital versions of the EP tracks.

Over the course of a career that’s spanned three decades, 13 albums and hundreds of songs, Marshall Crenshaw’s musical output has maintained a consistent fidelity to the qualities of melody, craftsmanship and passion, and his efforts have been rewarded with the devotion of a broad and remarkably loyal fan base.

His debut album, Marshall Crenshaw, was acclaimed as a pop masterpiece upon its release in 1982 and established him as a first-rate songwriter, singer and guitarist. The record spawned the Top 40 single “Someday Someway,” which rockabilly singer Robert Gordon covered and scored a hit with a year earlier. Other Crenshaw classics include “(You’re My) Favorite Waste of Time,” “Whenever You’re On My Mind,” “There She Goes Again” and “Cynical Girl.” The great songs continued with the Life’s Too Short album on MCA (“Fantastic Planet of Love”), three albums for Razor & Tie and the 2009 release Jaggedland (“Someone Told Me,” “Passing Through,” “Never Coming Down”).

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