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MSM/Kronos: Report 51 - Angelo Talocci and La rete - Sébastien Damiani

MovieScore Media soundtracks. The second one features the award-winning score of Italian composer Angelo Talocci coupled with an exciting short film score by French composer Sébastien Damiani.

Following our previous release of Across the River, MovieScore Media once again taps into the previously unexplored territory of contemporary Italian horror movies. Alessio Liguori’s Report 51: Alien Invasion follows in the trails of four friends, who decide to move into the woodlands after they witness a strange sighting. What starts out as a fun adventure for a weekend turns into a nightmare and a race for survival. The soundtrack release coincides with the film’s DVD premiere on the North American market on May 20, 2014.

Most of the score is provided by veteran Italian composer Angelo Talocci, whose original contributions for the film have been collected together into the epic suite which plays as a sort of programmatic concert piece for the alien invasion. The other pieces on the album were licenced from the composer’s catalogue and were used as source and trailer music for promotion. Talocci received the Global Music Award in 2013 for Report 51 and The One Dollar Movie. The soundtrack also includes the song “Brushed Hearts”, written by Emiliano Manzillo and Dirk Harzé, performed by The Irresistible Johnsons who also contributed the instrumental intro music for the film (also available in an alternate version).

The album also features music from Alessio Liguori’s previous film entitled The Network (in Italian: La rete). This experimental thriller short lasting 22-minutes tells the story of two women and is made up of two continuous long-takes. The music by French composer Sébastien Damiani is characterized by strings-and-electronica based aural suspense (most notably in "Cellar") while the tense tale of revenge is capped off by a creepy lullaby. It’s interesting to note that the director and the composer never met during the production of the score, so the close-knit relationship between the sound design and the extra long takes is all the more remarkable.

CD EDITION: Kronos Records
DIGITAL: MovieScore Media

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