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MSM/Kronos: We Are the Freaks - Vince Watts

We Are the Freaks
by Vince Watts

MovieScore Media releases the electrifying retro score for We Are the Freaks, composed by Vincent Watts. Written and directed by Justin Edgar, the film follows the adventures of Jack (Jamie Blackley), Parsons (Mike Bailey) and Chunks (Sean Teale) on a Friday night that will change their lives forever. All three of the protagonists seem themselves as 'Freaks': Jack comes from a working class background and is awaiting news about getting a college grant, Parson’s dominating family had already mapped out his life for him, while eccentric Chunks can live off his wealthy divorced parents competing for his attention. But in the post-Thatcher Britain, things can always go haywire...

Composer Vincent Watts began his musical training aged 4 when he started to learn to play the violin. After years of orchestral performing, composing and listening his education culminated in a BA (Hons) music degree from Leeds University.  This was shortly followed by specialised studies at the Media School of Bournemouth University where he got his masters degree in ‘Music for the Screen.’ Known for his holistic approach to film soundtracks, Watts also frequently works as supervising sound designer on many of the movies he's involved in. His previous credits include the BAFTA nominated documentary Taking Liberties (2007) and the slacker revenge movie Red, White and Blue (2010).

True to his name, Watts electrifies the soundtrack of We Are the Freaks with unique, self-contained cues of synthesized retro brilliance. The composer talks about his experiences: Justin and I discussed creating a retro electronica sound that referenced bands such as Tangerine Dream. The score also injects an emotively sincere quality that nicely contrasts with the more light hearted moments in the film. One cue that didn't make it into the soundtrack was an electronic version of the 'The Flight of The Bumblebee'- my homage to Wendy Carlos who created the electronic score for 'A Clockwork Orange'.

CD EDITION: Kronos Records
DIGITAL: MovieScore Media

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