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MSM/Kronos: Nydenion by Jack Moik

MovieScore Media goes to outer space with the soundtrack release of the German independent science-fiction Nydenion. Written and directed by Jack Moik, the film takes place in the future where interstellar travel has been perfected, but the exploration of vast new lands naturally leads to devastating wars. Rick Walker (Moik) is a former fighter pilot turned disillusioned freelance flyer who is hired to transport a mysterious woman to the site of a secret peace negotiation. Special ambassador Cynthia Perkins claims to hold the key to get the stalling negotiations back on track, but the two-person envoy is attacked by a group of fighter jets. Stuck on the remote planet on Nydenion, Rick must realize that his valuable cargo has been targeted by his own kind...

The music for the picture is provided by writer / director / lead actor Jack Moik. Born in 1967 near Marburg, Germany, Moik learned to play the piano piano from his grandmother when he was six years old. He later learned guitar and played in different local bands as well. He has been harboring a great passion for film music since seeing the first Star Wars film and built his first composing studio in 1987. He has written music for advertising clips, movie trailers and games - Nydenion is his first feature film.

Moik’s score for Nydenion is a loving tribute to the world of Star Wars and Star Trek as the composer recalls how he took on multiple jobs in the film: "I had about four months to complete the score while I also had to pay attention to other aspects of the post-production. I tried to keep the style very classical, in fact, if you listen closely you will find some familiar notes from great sci-fi scores intermixed with my own compositions, but I also used some  synthesizers like Wavestation and Atmosphere. I have a passion for lavish string arrangements and large brass sections, the ‘military‘ style of the overall composition gave me the chance to work with a broad brush. I had a lot of fun creating this universe and I hope the audience for the soundtrack will also get a closer feel of the Nydenion experience. FOR MORE INFORMATION [CLICK HERE]

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