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MSM/Kronos: Border Run by Emilio and Sebastián Kauderer

MovieScore Media travels to Latin America once again with the release of Border Run, the human trafficking thriller by Argentinean filmmaker Gabriela Tagliavini. The story follows in the trails of American journalist Sofie Talbert (Sharon Stone), looking for her brother Aaron (Billy Zane) in Mexico. Aaron had been working in the country in a relief organisation, but his sudden disappearance gets Sofie more deeply involved in the darker side of Mexican criminal activities. While looking for her brother, she comes in contact with human trafficking, drug smuggling and the fearsome cartels who keep everybody in checks. The film is also known as The Mule in some international markets.

The music for Border Run is provided esteemed Argentinean composers Sebastián and Emilio Kauderer. Emilio’s best known work is the Oscar-winning The Secret in Their Eyes (co-composed with Federico Jusid). During his decade-spanning career, Kauderer has worked on projects like the Emmy-nominated music for Dead Like Me (with Steward Copeland from The Police), the opening of the Winter Olympics (with Michael Kamen) and the 60th anniversary of the Holiday on Ice show, Diamonds which ran for four years. Kauderer’s film music is a national institution in Argentina where the composer conducted a well-received concert of his cinematic career. His music for Border Run is co-written with Sebastián Kauderer.

The score for Border Run has a strong, darkly textural Latino feel with inventive guitar solos and unnerving strings providing the background for Sophie’s new discoveries on the Mexican underworld. Occasionally crossing the line between thriller and horror scoring, the music covers a wide area of emotional responses from the survivors of human trafficking: ranging from the challenging “Torture and Escape” to the regretful Belly and the optimistic closing track, “Crossing the Border”, the score for Border Run is a wonderful audio representation of a world that’s better to experience through films than real life. FOR MORE INFORMATION [CLICK HERE]

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